No need to hit the gym – these resistance band exercise will keep you in top shape!

By | November 25, 2017

Do you want to keep yourself in shape, but you’re just not motivated enough to hit the gym regularly? Sure, one solution to this problem is to have a home gym, but it’s an expensive solution. Fortunately, you need not spend thousands of dollars on equipment for your home gym. You can simply use exercise bands, such as this Black Mountain Resistance Band exercise set and keep yourself fit.

This resistance band exercise set includes a lower resistance band and a higher resistance band. Lower resistance band exercises help you warm up, while higher resistance band exercises tone your muscles. By performing a combination of exercises using both bands, you can keep your entire body in shape. And, resistance bands are incredibly portable – meaning you can keep yourself fit, no matter where you are!

Lower Resistance Band Exercise

To warm up, step on your lower resistance band while holding it tight and keep your feet apart. Lean your upper body from one side to another, while keeping your lower body in place. Next, take two steps to your left and then to your right while maintaining your upper body posture. Following this, raise your hands up to your shoulders and then raise your left leg to the side, return to position and perform a squat. Repeat this with your right leg.

Higher Resistance Band Exercises

To perform exercises, grab your higher resistance band and step on the band with one leg while keeping your other leg behind. Perform a lunge and a curl and repeat for a couple of minutes before swapping legs. This will give your legs and lower back a solid workout. At the end of this exercise, maintain your posture and move your hands outwards slowly. This exercise will tone your hand and shoulder muscles.

Next, drop the band from one hand and perform a side lunge with a lateral raise on the hand holding the band. Repeat this for the other side. This is a cardiovascular exercise which will help keep your heart in shape.

Finally, grab one end of the higher resistance band with both hands while stepping on the band with one foot. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and take your hand across your body over the shoulder on the opposite side. Do this by twisting your upper body, while keeping your lower body in place. Repeat this exercise for the other side, and you’ll tone all muscles in your upper body.

There you have it – these are some simple resistance band exercises that you can perform anywhere. Make sure to follow these simple exercises daily to keep yourself in top shape.

Do you know of any simple resistance band exercises that I may have missed out? Do let me know in the comments below. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!

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